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This book reveals how much satanism is in the world, especially in the church. It will open your eyes to the seriousness of the days in which we are living. Child abuse and human sacrifices are still very prevalent in todays world. This book will also show you step by step the true and only salvation process that less than 1% of churches teach. Narrow is the way and few therebe that find it. This is a great book for everyone to read. Don't be a cast away and thrust out of God's kingdom because some pastor or theologian lied to you about salvation. It is your responsibility to know and study God's word for yourself - do NOT depend on someone else to lead you until you have studied it and confirmed it. It's a matter of LIVE and DEATH! You MUST read this book.

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This book touches on some of the issues within the belief system of the JW Cult. It also reveals the true process that leads to salvation, for there is only one way to be saved.
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